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1960 The LaDawri Conquest Roadster on EBay by Leslie
Ebay is always a great place to go and dream in. I have written before about the weird and wonderful that you can find on Ebay. This time its A Home built car Conquest, that sold for $7,750.00 Congrats to the New owner - seems like a steal to ...
Dream Car - Low Maintenance Classic Style by Leslie
What if you could chose the look of any car you loved and put into it a fule efficient, low cost easy maintenance engine? what would your dream car be? This has been on my mind for quite some time now, due to the environmental issues that fuel ...
EBI 2 Or Bugfest by Leslie
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I think the plate should be on the right door post, just between the hinges.
by jade - 1 day ago
What is the location of 1957 Chevrolet, 4 door sedan, model 210, SN: B57S268369?
by Guest - 2 days ago
What is the location of 1957 Chevrolet 4 door sedan model 210, SN: B57S268369?
by Guest - 2 days ago
I have an original 46 ford coupe radiator and wiper motor, they are free if someone wants to pay for shipping cost.
by Guest - 3 days ago
Anyone no where I can find the canvus top for my 1927 chevy truck???
by Guest - 5 days ago
I'm looking to sale two wooden spoke Dodge Brother wheels, hubs, and caps. I believe their 1927 Fast Four wheels. I've had them for about 30 years stored, and would say their in very good ...
by Guest - 5 days ago
I have a 41 ford coupe, the front end darts all over the road left right etc, if on smooth road does ok , very quick steering some one not me put a rack an pinion in it . its really scary ...
by Guest - 1 week ago
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