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The Dream Car
photo credit creative commons license Chris Hunkeler This is the Jaguar XKSS D-Type and it is my dream car for two reasons: The first reason is pretty obvious - it is gorgeous! As sleek as they ...
by Leslie
Vintage Race Cars for Any Occasion.
Just thought I would bring you a gallery of pictures of these incredibly cool cars! 1950 Cisitalia 204 Abarth Spyder Deen Woods of Beloit, KS owns this #84 In 1908, Old 16, the Locomobile ...
by Leslie
Climb Aboard the Porsche 911
I love Porsches! Old New - I don't care. As long as it is a Porsche...! The Porsche 911 isn't just any old Porsche - This post says Undoubtedly one of the most significant motorcars ever ...
by Leslie
The Unibody Car
Wiki Tells us that Unibody, or unitary construction, is a related construction technique for automobiles in which the body is integrated into a single unit with the chassis rather than having a ...
by Leslie
Need a New Old Car?
There are very few cars I haven't heard about - but here's one! This is the McQuay Norris Streamliner and I read about it for the first time at the Auto Time Machine it was called the ...
by Leslie
1960 The LaDawri Conquest Roadster on EBay
Ebay is always a great place to go and dream in. I have written before about the weird and wonderful that you can find on Ebay. This time its A Home built car Conquest, that sold for $7,750.00 ...
by Leslie
Dream Car - Low Maintenance Classic Style
What if you could chose the look of any car you loved and put into it a fule efficient, low cost easy maintenance engine? what would your dream car be? This has been on my mind for quite some ...
by Leslie
Experience The Thrill of Driving a Classic and Eco- Friendly Car At The Same Time
With the prevailing green line of thought, it was only a matter of time till classic car owners of green mind, heart and pocket would try to convert their vehicles into Hybrid or alternative fuel ...
by Leslie
EBI 2 Or Bugfest
EBI 2 in case you weren't aware stands for European Bug IN #2 This event is way behind us (it happened in the beginning of July) but from what I can gather was a really sucsessful event so no ...
by Leslie
Hot Rods
Cheapo, from El Cheapo Custom Works intoduced me to the Mad Fabricators. This should give you and Idea of whom the people are and what they are doing I thought they were pretty cool, ...
by Leslie
The Ford Ranchero of Your dreams
Not everyone dreams of Porsches.... Some think big long impressive Ranchero's are the ultimate car. This one is a 1957 model. Seems to me to be exactly the kind of car the Fonze would cruise ...
by Leslie
Are You Modifying Your Own Car?
This bloger has invested a lot of work in his 1960 MGA Roadster Twin-Cam to make into a modified cars one can be proud to drive at. The process of modifying the car is always interesting. ...
by Leslie
A Pocket Friendly Jaguar!!
The following post was written by Greg Harvey, another classic car addict, who's own blog's called Classic Cars Blog, in which he deals with the grave contrast of how good classic cars are for the ...
by Leslie
For The Projects Lover!
Are you up to the challenge of doing a serious work on this beauty? Just read at the Bring a Trailer website that this 1967 MGM roadster that is up for sale at 5,900$, and though that this sounds ...
by copper
Cars are Fun!
I just came across a discussion which car is the best looking car ever made and it made me google photos of antique as well as new cars, well here are some of the results but the most important ...
by Leslie
Marquette HIway King Luggage Carrier
I am looking for some information on this luggage carrier. What vehicle was it used on, a little about the manufacturer and about how much it is worth. Thanks!!!
by holiday024
Old Chevy for sale
Old Chevy Master 1937 for sale. It is disassembled and in poor general condition. The main engine is disassembled also. A second engine is available for spare parts. Awaiting offers.
by Cristian
radiator is the bomb!
tons of project on the go! customizing 85 chev van dually 425 caddy! soon to be working on my 56 plym wgn (flint stone car) also got 23 maxwell ddge bros 4 dr,36 chev mast 4 dr suicide of course!,2 ...
by radiator
Jay Leno's Tatra T87 Speaks.
This is Jay Leno's 1938 Tatra T87, a Czechoslovakian car with a rear mounted engine and a great look. apparently the fin at the back makes the car a little hard to handle in win
by Leslie
Suicidal Pink
I can never resist a beautiful car, and you've got to admit - this is the real deal. I found it on a blog called Cars Photos, and the blogger named it "suicide doors". I was wondering why these ...
by Leslie
More Than a Number
Hemmings has a great flikr collection with many contributors, dedicated to antique cars in from all aspects and points of view. One of the contributors ryanchirnomas, posted a great series of ...
by Leslie
Breath Taking Elegance
If you intend to be in the NorthWest of the United States in September mark the 7th of September to attend the Kikland Concourse D'Elgance . I first read about it in Classical Drives, and would ...
by Leslie
Climb Aboard the Life of a Lotus Owner
Gregs Lotus as posted on Ebay We are all big antique and Classic Car fans, some of us owning them and other admiring them from afar. I have been following Greg Harveys story with his Lotus for ...
by Leslie
Die Laughing
This is way off topic but it does have 2 cars in it so I guess it could work here... Actually I enjoyed it so much I just wanted to share. Thank you Just Elite for the link
by Leslie

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