1960 The LaDawri Conquest Roadster On EBay


Ebay is always a great place to go and dream in.

I have written before about the weird and wonderful things that you can find on Ebay. This time it was a home-built car nicknamed “Conquest”, that sold for $7,750.00. Congrats to the New owner - seems like a steal to me...

The interesting thing to me is the fact that it is a Kit car - as a visual lover of antique cars I am less knowledgeable about the kit culture. It may be that Kit cars, not being Brand names as such are less valuable - but as far as the effort and the initial intention behind the car - I would say that it is added value.

Source: The Garage Blog

Image by Alden Jewel via Flickr

So... what do you think? Please leave me a comment.

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  • Jenna: Wow- this car looks like it could’ve been used in the last installment of Batman as the Joker’s vehicle..lol...that’s awesome.

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