49 Chevy parts

Hey group!

Can anyone advise as to a parts supplier for parts such as interior sunvisors, etc.

Thanks in advance

Tom in Texas

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Excerpts from netnews.rec.autos.antique: 11-Mar-99 49 Chevy parts by

If RB's Obsolete is still in business (I had a '49 project about 6 years ago) their catalog has lots of stuff. Look through Street Rodder magazine (again, if they're still around) or Hemming's Motor News for other sources. Those were the two places I started when I went to build my catalog library.

good luck,

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If you are working on a passenger car, as opposed to a truck, I am sure that I have a good used pair of interior sun visors. If you are still in need, contact me. It may take me several days to "dig them out".

Rich <email> <phone>

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