Cars With Bird Names
My son and I are working on a project to come up with car makes/models named after birds. So far we have: American Bantam Buick Skylark Eagle Talon Ford Falcon (and T-bird, I guess) Hupmobile Skylark ...
by kkawohl
Old vs new cars
What are the differences between old cars from the 60s and 70s and newer ones from 80s and 90s in terms of build quality? I know it is a somewhat unusual question. I am considering a 90s vehicle like ...
by lucis
Before 1968, most cars used what type of brakes?
Before 1968, most cars used what type of brakes? If there was a leak in any part of the system, what usually happened?
by Vale
Who realy used the first unibody construciton on their cars ...
who realy used the first unibody construciton on their cars trying to do paper for school
by Guest
How Do You Get Leaded Gasoline for Antique Cars
... about starting an antique car collection. How do you guys get around the leaded gasoline issue with cars that are designed to use leaded fuel? Is there an additive that you can buy or do you just use ...
by Keir
Classic Cars Online
Looking for a classic British car? Sports Cars? Parts?
by adiaz14
In 1949, how many cars did Volkswagen sell in the US?
1949 was a record year for Volkswagen, do you know how many cars they sold in the US?
by Vale
Old cars collectors
I will establish contact with old car collectors from Europe.
by Keir
Rare investment quality Corvettes and Muscle Cars
If you are interested in rare investment quality Corvettes and Muscle Cars, please visit: Thank you.
by masyukk
Cars just after WWII
My wife, who is doing research for a book, would like to know when the first new car came out after world War II, and if possible what make and model. I'd appreciate any help.
by RichField
Europian cars vs American cars.
If you had no money limitations what would you pick, an American or an European car?
by jade
1972 Old Mercury Cougar cars
1972 Old Mercury Cougar cars Fast and fun gas saver and very affordable. Paint and chrome are bright and top is in excellent shape. Everything works perfectly and looks at the mileage. Also you can ...
by joshep
Not all old cars are antiques... what else might they be?
Part 1: Cars that were made between 1896 and 1915 are considered to be antique cars, but at the time, they were known as what? Part 2: Cars built between 1916 and 1925 are not called "antique", but ...
by Vale
Vin . location on 1956 gm cars on frame other than door post
vin . location on 1956 gm cars on frame other than door post
by Guest
Which automobile, built in 1920, is considered one of the worst cars ever built?
This automobile, built in 1920, is one of the simplest, most minimalistic cars ever built. It basically consisted of a bench on wheels run by a 2hp engine powered a 5th traction wheel. Can you name ...
by Vale
Off the top of your head can you name Britain's best cars?
Why do you choose those particular British cars?Can you explain what makes them so great?
by Marra M
In the movie Grease, what were the two cars that were raced?
Do you know what type of cars the Scorpions drove? And what was Greased Lightning?
by Vale
How were the first cars started?
Until 1912, cars required a lot of man power to start, why was this? What changed in 1912, and which company was the first to use it?
by Vale
Oldest Vintage Cars show
Very rare website provides or sell 1951 vintage Mercury 4DR Hardtop car. Buying and Selling 1951 vintage Mercury 4DR Hardtop car is dream for both I mean surprise for buyer and seller. Ordinary ...
by joshep
Re: Locations for VIN number on 57 chevy
Jim, The body plate number, at least for the 1957 Chevrolet passenger models, isn't related with the completed vehicle VIN number. The number on the data plate on the firewall is a Fisher body ...
by LilCindy
Re: 1936 chevy title
... the way to back pages,,they sale door plates serial numbers @ tital,have done this in the past,the cars on the road now,looks like old school dirt car,with windshild,good luck,best 100,00 you well ...
by earley cars
Re: What is the difference between a Dodge car & a Dodge Brothers Car? I am loo...
When the Dodge brothers passed away a few months apart in 1920, their wives took over management. The company was sold to investment bankers a few years later. A few more years Chrysler bought ...
by StillOutThere
What Is ZDDP And Why Is It Worth Buying For Your Antique Car?
Credit for this post goes to Model A. A good balance of ZDDP (zinc dialkyldithiophosphate), detergent levels, and corrosion inhibitors are important when selecting an oil for your antique car. ...
by Vale
Re: 1928 dodge victory six manual
I was hoping to find you a manual for free on the web, but couldn't. I found 2 sites offering old cars manuals for a fee: ...
by jade
The Dream Car
... via Coys (the auction house) that since a fire swept through the jaguar factory in 1957,and only 16 cars escaped in perfect condition - obviously making this car a rarity. Due to this rarity the ...
by Leslie
Re: I have a 56 Chevy Sedan Delivery that has windows in the back instead of pa...
I own a 1956 Chev Sedan Delivery with windows. According to lore, these cars were ordered by the Forest Service or a utility agency. You can see an example of a Forest Service Delivery in the movie ...
by Jim Davis
Re: 53 Ford Motor Mount---Help!
Hey Angela, I'm investigating putting a small block Chevy into my 53 ford Yes, Butch's Rod Shop in Dayton Ohio has 'em. THe kit runs $142, although you'll have to bend the drag link 1' down to clear ...
by Gasman
Re: 1973 AMC Matador For sale
ohh ill buy it!! oh ya i already cars a piece of **** lol!! joking buddy its a beast!
by <email>
Re: 37 Chevy Trivia
find the serial # - GB -1001 through GB-60674 were Master series cars GA-1001 through GA-82134 were Master Deluxe series cars. Also Master series had standard front axles while the Master Deluxe came ...
by PavelP
Cars older than the 70's doesn't have VIN number, only serial number by the manufacturer. The 1937 Chevy's serial number should be stamped on an aluminum plate scured by screws to the engine-side of ...
by jade
Re: Where is the frame number located on a 1936 chevy pickup?
Fire wall passenger side. Probubly not there, as rivits were steel and rusted and fell off. Good news? VIN was engine no. SOOO almost all are wrong as most were subject to an engine change. Simply ...
by rand7171
Frame VIN Location on 4 Door 56 Chevy
The 56 Chevy I just bought is NOT stolen or a total loss car, I checked with NICB. The door VIN tag is missing as well as the firewall tag. I have read all the info I can find about frame VIN stamp ...
by Jack's 56 Belair
Re: Last three on the tree?
I think a three on the tree was the standard transmission for the old RWD Chevy Nova until the car was replaced by the X-Cars in 1980; i learned to drive on a '76 or '77 Nova with a three speed ...
by AtomicDog
Re: Replacing trunk and floor on 1966 GTO Convert
Amen to that. Nobody wants to get stuck with a 'money pit' but the simple fact is that most cars will cost more to restore than they will be worth when they are done, at least in the short term. ...
Re: Need help identifying 1930-40s Chevrolet
Well it is obviously a Chevrolet. Some say 1942 and others 1946. If I remember the 1942 cars were mostly for military use and were plain Janes with no chrome. The 1946 was essentially the same as the ...
by Luis A. Manzano
Re: Value of 1966 Grand Prix
Lucky you, I just happen to have brought the Old Cars Price Guide to work with me today! Here's the listing: #1 13000 #4 2600 #2 9100 #5 1550 #3 5200 #6 500 Also, there are only two options of 'extra ...
by myrkat
I have recently bought a 1928 Dodge Brothers Standard Six to...
I have recently bought a 1928 Dodge Brothers Standard Six tourer, and need to rebuild the roof. The metal cantilever frame is useable but the plywood roof supports have rotted away. Can anyone help ...
by Bob
69 Mach I value ??
Anyone know of a website that posts values for Classic cars ?? I'm looking for a value of a 69 Mach I, 351W, auto, Fair condition. Not sure if I'm going to restore it or part it out. What may some of ...
by LilCindy
Re: For sale 1929 Chevy Sedan
Try 'Old Cars' magazine
by mingpowman
Re: 1961 Buick Invicta
One da** fine engine, too. Not only did they have more torque and a flatter HP curve from the factory than the Olds and Chevy motors, they were dang near indestructable too, AND got better gas ...
by Sticks

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