Has anyone installed a 350 chevy engine in a 1969 roadrunner...

has anyone installed a 350 chevy engine in a 1969 roadrunner?? i need to know about the mounts.

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I am just curious why you want to do that? There are so many Mopar engines out there. I even have a spare 440 & 413,both hi-torque that would go in w/o much modification. Not trying to sell you something, just wondering.

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My question is the same. Why? So many available
mopar power plants available. Nothing would
diminish the value more of a 69 Roadrunner with
a Bowtie motor.Seems like throwing good money
after bad. There are probably no kits available for this kind of swap, it probably can be done but it,s
going to take a whole lot of fabricating. The torque
stresses involved in mounting an engine especially
one with some real horse power should be left to the
experts or at least someone with experience.

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Its doable i havent seen it done or know where you could get mounts , but for the price you could bolt a 318 , 340 or a 440 with no mods , if your jet set on a 350 , it would be about the same as a 318 power wise , myself if i had to put chevy in it , it would be a 454 or 501. its going to be a matter of hanging the 350 in the frame rails and taking some measurements .

I have done a 350 in a chevy s10 you might try a place called jagsthatrun.com thats where i got my kitt to bolt a 350 in a s10

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