1928 dodge victory six manual
i have recently purchased a dodge victory six that needs a complete overhaul, so i am looking for diagrams for the car. any suggests on where to look?
by zpt809
Where do you find vin # on 1936 chevy truck ...owners manual...
where do you find vin # on 1936 chevy truck ...owners manual says front dash..not
by Guest
Workshop manual for 1957 Model 190 Mercedes-Benz
I'm need one. Please respond with any info to: thanks, Will English
by David9
64 Ford Falcon Repair Manual or parts
My husband recently brought a 64 Ford Falcon to restore, and would like to find the repair manual for it. He would also like to find anyone who can tell him to find parts for this car. I know there ...
by David9
WTB: Manual for 49 cadillac
Looking for the glovebox manual for a 1949 cadillac Have the big book but would like the glovebox size to. E-mail me if you have one for sale or if you know of a olace to search for one. Thanks
by matsellah
1970 Ford Shop Manual set, 1942 Motor's Manual
4volume set, 1970 Ford Shop Manual. Good shape. $50.00 Motor's Manual, 1942. Fair shape, pages in tact, easily readable. Covers 31 different models. $30.00. You pay postage. E-mail me.
by Silver
Where can I find a 1933 dodge six sedan repair manual and would a 1934 manu...
where can I find a 1933 dodge six sedan repair manual and would a 1934 manual be the same as 1933.
by Guest
I am looking for a repair manual for a 1928 Dodge victory 6 ...
I am looking for a repair manual for a 1928 Dodge victory 6 sedan that has schematics that cover the master cylinder and fuel vacuum pump. Please help!
by Guest
Want to find a 57 Bel Air Service Manual
Hi my husband and I just purchased a 57 Chevy Bel Air we will be restoring. I was wonderinf if anyone knows where I can get the Service Manual. I am kind of iffy on buying something from a website I ...
by tnts57belair
1970 Ford Shop Manual set
I have a set of 4 1970 Ford Shop manuals and a 1942 Motor's manual if anyone is interested. Check the classified ads or e-mail me.
by Silver
Re: Last three on the tree?
Three on the tree refers to a 3 speed manual transmission with the shifter on the steering column.
by AnglesB
Kingpin replacement - Shims??
I'm replacing the kingpins on my '39 Chevy Master 85 (solid beam axle - not knee joint). The shop manual specifies that if the clearance between the steering knuckle and the I-beam is greater than ...
by bredkumanfirst
Re: Places to find parts
as far as the drive train goes, im goin to use a 327 chevy with a turbo 350 trans,im goin to make this into more of a street rod, so the out side will hopefully look as factory as i can get it, but ...
by bdex001
Value of BMW 2002 tii?
I've got a 1971 2002 tii, with a four-speed gearbox and manual sunroof, in need of restoration (rebuild drivetrain, some bodywork and needs sprucing up the interior). It runs, but not great. Anybody ...
by Skygirl
Need help with horn ring removal
I should know how to do this, so go ahead and razz me. I need to remove my 1951 Dodge Meadowbrook's steering wheel, but I never had to take one off an old-timer like this before. What's the trick?- ...
by howtosee
1967 GTO
If anyone interested we have the following Car 1967, Pontiac GTO, 88K miles, $13,500/OBO Options Exterior Color - White Interior Color - Burgundy/Maroon 8-cyl. Air Conditioning Classic Car Two Door ...
by Adominator
Synthetic Oil - When??
I have a Nissan Altima that is not fully broken in. The owner's manual states that the break in period for my car is 1000 miles. Does synthetic oil have any advantages over using standard oil that is ...
by Gauravnew
Re: Add air! (general Q 60 Tbird)
That's a thought. I've never really looked at how the a/c is hooked up on a 58-60 T-Bird, but on my '66, retrofitting factory air *properly* is such a pain that some folks disrecommend it outright, ...
by mingpowman
Re: Info on 50/60s Motorola AM auto radio?
Dave You can find a 323T schematic in SAMS auto radio photofact Vol. AR-22. I recently bought this manual but haven't received it yet. If you cannot find one in the next while, then email and I will ...
by jawhara
1957 ford fairlane
hi,i am looking for a repair manual for 1957 ford fairlane if you have it please let me know, thank you.
by vahid
The Car you passed your drivers test ?
A '73 Plymouth Duster that I still have 13 years later. The car was a three speed (on the tree, of course) and when i showed up at the test site I was especially anxious to demonstrate the fact that ...
by nulleq
Re: 1963 Cadillac Coupe de Ville
I am the proud owner of a 64 CDV and they are very close to the 63 CDV except for the 64 larger engine and minor differences in the front, rear bumpers, and the slanted 64 grill. On page 1-1 of the ...
by stewyoume
Looking for an Edelbrock or Carter Carb in good shape....Thanks!!
Don't care about electric choke or manual 600cfm or 750cfm is fine Carter AFB, Edelbrock, Q-JEt ( NON computer controlled) Needs to be in running shape Thanks
by stevie
Re: Remove moulding windshield
You can save yourself a lot of aggrivation by simply buying a copy of the service manual for your car. As recent a model as it is you should have no problem finding one at a swap meet or even a used ...
by Sticks
Re: WTB 67 Opel Kadet
... with a motorcycle trailer on it. had 160,000 miles on it when i sold it in '72 i still got service manual for it. i also know the mechanics inside and out ...
by OriNebula
70-72 Monte Carlo production data ?
Someone sent me some '70-'72 data for Monte Carlo, itemised for the different engines. I've never seen most of this data before. Can anyone verify these numbers, or tell where they came from ? 1970 ...
by imported_alan
Re: Electrical problem
Very carefully check the following items for bad or intermittent connections: 1) the ground strap between the engine block and the frame/battery, and the battery cables themselves, 2) the B+ wire ...
by bhakti
Re: Impala 1966 web site
I liked your site. I have a '66 Caprice that I inherited from my dad. It has the 396 with a 4-sp manual, bucket seats, and gauge pack. thanks, Kevin Konecky
by Gauravnew
Paint sanding, buffing, polishing?
Does anyone know of a good manual/book that describes the step-by-step process to transform freshly painted surfaces into a glass-like smooth polished surface?? Or, if you yourself have the know-how ...
by jillsandr
Re: Convertable frame flexing
The service manual describes the proper places to lift the car. If you lift it at other locations, it will be unstable and flex like you describe. I have a 65 Impala 2 door hardtop and notice the ...
by OriNebula
52 MGTD Mixture Problem
All Here's one for the books, and any help appreciated. Spun a bearing on my '52, and had to re-build the bottom half of the engine. Now that I've got her back together, I can't get the mixture ...
by AtomicDog
Interchangeability for Chevy 216s
... e a '37 Chevy Passenger car.. I know that the 216 was used up through the early '50's, and that the manual three speed in my car was used for a similar amount of time. Anyone know what years are ...
by Skyfire
Mopar 47-48 Flathead question (Engine reassembly)
I am overhauling a D24 flathead and am at the point of starting re-assembly. This afternoon while stripping parts off a scrap D24 block, I removed the brass fitting (which goes into the oil galley) ...
by myrkat
Re: Sun Tune-Up Tester Model 200
... dge, chrysler, imperial, dodge truck. 68-9 reference book same 68-9 meeting guide same instruction manual volt-ampere tester model vat-2- manual 1961 auto lamp chart ...
by trispin
I have a 1966 Dodge A100 van with the 225 slant six. It orig...
... hifter swap. I have a 1966 Dodge A100 van with the 225 slant six. It originally had a three speed manual on the column, someone swapped it for the 727 Torqueflite automatic with the cable operated ...
by Mel
Re: Body style number on a 50 Chevrolet is 50 1211 What kind of car is this Can...
... am not sure if it carries the same specification as the 1956 model (2 door)hardtop Inline 6 3 speed manual 1 barrel carburetor As for parts, you'll need to ...
by themarvelous
I live in Nova Scotia Canada and I own a 1951 Dodge Regent with a 213 flat ...
I live in Nova Scotia Canada and I own a 1951 Dodge Regent with a 213 flat head motor , I am having trouble starting the car when it's hot , It has the original automatic choke which seems to be ...
by Guest
Re: 76 Harley Sporty troubles
Radiator, I was talking about the the Shifter and brakes pedals, It was set up for highway riding and The linkage is not "dialed in" correctly and It is hard to get it to down shift into first gear ...
by 65Wildkat
Place for answers
I have a Motor's Manual, 1942. Covers 31 models of that time. I also have a set of 4 1970 Ford shop manuals. Check the classified ads or email me.
by Silver
Manuals/Books for sale
Auto books/manuals for sale (most new cond.) 1968 Bronco, Econoline & Club Wagon SHOP MANUAL,$25. 1965-70 Mustang Restoration Handbook,$25. 1971 MOTOR'S Auto Repair Manual,$30. 'Ford 1903-1984', 1000 ...
by Sticks

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