We just purchased a 1927 Dodge 4dr sedan with 39000 miles. My main question...
We just purchased a 1927 Dodge 4dr sedan with 39000 miles. My main question is: The space for getting in behind the steering wheel to drive the car is really cramped. Some of the seat padding has ...
by Guest
FS: 49 Plymouth - 44k miles
by OriNebula
FS: 1960 Olds 98 70K Miles
For Sale: 1960 Oldsmobile 98 4 Dr, auto of course and power everything. Hardtop- needs paint. 70,000 actual miles, runs smooth- will deliver anywhere interesting. $2,500 obo
by johnm
For sale maybe if price is right1928 buick 2 dr sedan 59 k miles runs and d...
for sale maybe if price is right1928 buick 2 dr sedan 59 k miles runs and drives <phone>
by Guest
1962 dodge custom 880 mid level condition 62,907 miles factory air one small dent in front
any idea what its worth. 1962 dodge custom 880 62,907 miles factory air been inside one small dent in front end all factory original paint very decent condition
by Les
What value on 1969 mercerdes-bens sedan 250, 42,000 miles,gr...
what value on 1969 mercerdes-bens sedan 250, 42,000 miles,great condition every thing original
by Guest
Retail price for 2010 roush stage 3 mustang with 24,ooo miles
retail price for 2010 roush stage 3 mustang with 24,ooo miles
by Guest
For sale matador 4 door 14000 miles stored in garage , and a 74 cutlas tbar black 30000 miles stored
... the matadore was bought new in 74 drove to worlds fair and parked in garage never ran again . 14000 miles . 402 motor i think autlmatic . 4 door . 4000 cash . cutlas sup. black t bar wire hubs . ...
by jim
I have a 1967 true factory hemi charger 4 speed with 26.000 miles in very n...
I have a 1967 true factory hemi charger 4 speed with 26.000 miles in very nice condition any idea what she is worth in today's market
by Guest
Re: 53 Ford Motor Mount---Help!
This application, a dry sump system would work with well, rather than building a special pan if a front sump cannot be found. As cost effective, a lot more trick in appearance, and contrary to some ...
by Glhiu728xz
1973 AMC Matador For sale
... this message for someone who is selling his VERY NICE '73 Matador 4-door sedan. It has 34K original miles and hasn't seen winter driving. The car was originally owned by the current owner's father. ...
by Lilith
Re: Ford 1957 2 Door Wagon $2000
What engine? What color? Any rust? How many miles? This isn't Hemmings folks, it doesn't cost a nickel to post a few details. -Nipper 91 Ford PU (it may be ugly but it sure is slow) 73 Duster (in ...
by Gary W
Re: 69 Mach I value ??
Hi Bill, Car has 90,000 original miles, runs decent, interior fair to good, body fair to good, needs P.S. floor work, minor frame rail rusts, needs front and rear valances, has GT wheels (no caps). ...
by chadnezzrr
1961 Buick Invicta
What I got is a 1961 Buick Invcta 4-door hard top. Big engine - 445. Factory A/C and it works. Factory radio and it works. Bought it new. Always been a California car. Always been garaged at least at ...
by imported_alan
1953 Ford Crestline
hey im not much of a motorhead, but i have a 1953 Ford Crestlie Victoria that has 12,000 original miles on it. For the most part this is the issue. I believe the fuel tank has rusted out on the ...
by chris3323
Value of 1966 Grand Prix
... 5-yr. old restoration, but not totally authentic. It looks to be in good shape. I don't recall the miles, but it wasn't overly high or low. It has a 389, slightly ...
by Gasman
1972 Old Mercury Cougar cars
1972 Old Mercury Cougar cars Fast and fun gas saver and very affordable. Paint and chrome are bright and top is in excellent shape. Everything works perfectly and looks at the mileage. Also you can ...
by joshep
1962 ford falcon 4 door
This car has less than 20 thousand miles, totally restored , has rebuit 170 , less than 3000 miles. 2 spd trans auto. orig.little old lady driven on sunday car, having trouble locating appx. value of ...
by OriNebula
Re: Canadian Fords
Yep, my first ever car was a 1964 Falcon, purchased in 1987 w/45000 orig miles for $350. It was built in Oakville, Ontario, and the serial # was something like 906601. My old man had a '77 Mercury ...
by Tigran
... tain the value of a 1969 Renault R10 ?? Where can I find information on this car ?? 69,000 original miles Automatic Trans Air Conditioned Excellent Condition Thank you in advance ...
by stevie
Re: Finding the real fair value? (price help)
... 15,000 Class 4 =$7,500 class 5 =$4,700 Class 6 =$1,300 The range is Class 1 like a new Lexus with 5 miles on it and Class 6 ...
by viagramann
Question?? - Value of a 1971 Buick Electra 225
... one owner 1971 Buick Electra 225 (4 door, 455 engine, etc) that is in wonderful condition with 88K miles on it. I am looking to buy it for my son for his everyday use - could anyone tell me if $4k ...
by kkawohl
Re: Thoughts on daily driver
I forgot the mention that the 610 was purchased brand-new by my husband's parents and currently has 185,000 miles on it
by arrpenterr
- What do you consider a Serious Inquiry? - At 60,000 miles there *has* to be some wear on the car. - -1966 Ford Galaxie 500 LTD Fair Good Exc. - 4D Hardtop 289cid 200hp $625 $1,150 $1,250 - Hate to ...
by glider
Re: To hone or to bore?
Maybe it clearly needs rings. Compression tests also indicate worn valve seats. How many miles do you have on it? May be best to go the whole engine overhaul route. Lee
by Lilith
Re: 1967 GTO
If anyone interested we have the following Car 1967, Pontiac GTO, 88K miles, $13,500/OBO Options Exterior Color - White Interior Color - Burgundy/Maroon 8-cyl. Air Conditioning Classic Car Two Door ...
by lucis
Problem with 57
hi! would appreciate your help. went to start up my 57 yesterday and it refused to start. i tuned it recently and it's a 283 with dual exhaust. i start it every weekend. yesterday it was rainy and ...
by freegoogleads
I have come across a 1974Barracuda with a 318 engine and a 3-speed transmission. The car has been sitting since 1990 and the last 2 outside in a lot. The car has not run in 9 years, its exterior is ...
by glider
Re: Synthetic Oil - When??
... a 200,000 mile engine. Guess what? Many people change with Synthetic every 20,000, and get 200,000 miles, so whats your point? And you forgot to ...
by Linda2
Re: FS: 392 Hemi in Dodge
OOPS! Sorry folks, but there seems to be a few errors in these posts. Most industrial applications used the smaller displacement DeSoto and Dodge engines. The 426 hemi was a race engine designed from ...
by messier*man
Re: Fixing an antique car by yourself
Hi all new to the site seen this post so thought i would reply My car fixin started when i was about 15 im 38 now , i had never restored or much really messed with cars at a restoreation level , i ...
by Altaria
Luminetion Electronic ignition
Hi there - Has anyone had any problems with the luminetion electronic ignition kits? Mine lasted for 250 miles on my Vitesse and then failed. I am now having problems getting my £110 back
by AndyM
Re: Renault Gordini 1964
Unless the car has extremely low miles and is in mint condition, the price is astronomical (I assume the car is a Renault 8). Good luck!
by Luis A. Manzano
Re: FS 65 Comet 202 Wagon
Nice wagon with 77000 orginal miles. 200 6cyl 3speed. New tires, alt, & head work with hardened valve seats. Runs & drives like new. Original paint & interior. Very nice at $3000.00 Car located in ...
by David9
Re: 1976 Cadillac Eldorado Special Edition for sale
This is one of the 'Last of the Convertibles' a special run of 200 'last' Eldorados. Each of these cars was painted white with a white top, with accented wheel covers and red and blue accent stripes. ...
by jillsandr
Re: FS: 1971 Cadillac Eldorado Convertible
You must be insane. I just turned down an 85, with 52K miles, for 5 grand that was nearly cherry inside and out. Good luck, and if you get that price you should be ashamed of yourself for robbing the ...
by glider
Re: WTB: Windshield(s)-49 Chev Fleet Line Deluxe
Excerpts from 11-Feb-99 WTB: Windshield(s)-49 Where are you located? I sold a car just like that a few years ago, it had extra glass with it (don't remember if both pieces ...
by howard2
Re: Old cars collectors
by bredkumanfirst
Re: Help - 1968 Cadillac Coupe De Ville
... 73 Cadillac I've driven for 12 & owned for 4 years now. She's on her second restoration with 19,865 miles sitting on her. After 26 years of great service she just now needed a trans. Love my Caddy. ...
by Tigran
1959 Cvt. FS
... h fresh Jenkins leather (white) red exterior. Car totally redone two years ago, with less than 1000 miles on fresh rebuilt motor. serious only ...
by Freedjocd

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