53 Ford Motor Mount---Help!
Hey Guys, I'm investigating putting a small block Chevy into my 53 ford customline. Is there motor mounts that will allow this to happen smoothly (without welding!)? Also if , where would I find the ...
by Gauravnew
WE have a 1917 Dodge Brothers Woody delivery truck that needs work. Motor r...
WE have a 1917 Dodge Brothers Woody delivery truck that needs work. Motor ran 3 years ago. Has sat for 3 years in cover. What is the value of such a vehicle.
by Guest
OT: (sorry) Antique Outboard motor
In clearing my father's estate, I have come into possession of a 'Johnson LT10' antique outboard motor. It appears to be about a 1940 model of around 5 horsepower. I apologize for being off topic, ...
by Sticks
Motor mount needed
I am looking for a motor mount for a 360. If anyone knows where I can find Sincerely,
by AnglesB
by Guest
Is the motor serial # used as a body serial # 0n a 1932 Mercedes
is the motor serial # used as a body serial # 0n a 1932 Mercedes
by Guest
If i put a 500 horespower motor in a stock 89 firebird. What...
If i put a 500 horespower motor in a stock 89 firebird. What will i have to do to the unibody frame to keep it from twisting.
by Guest
1970 Ford Shop Manual set, 1942 Motor's Manual
4volume set, 1970 Ford Shop Manual. Good shape. $50.00 Motor's Manual, 1942. Fair shape, pages in tact, easily readable. Covers 31 different models. $30.00. You pay postage. E-mail me.
by Silver
Model A windshield w/wiper motor?
Most Model T windshields were two piece. It sounds as if you have one for a Model A. Is the wiper motor electric or vacuum operated? Is the frame tubular in shape or is it nearly flat? Tubular frames ...
by PavelP
Installing a 302 with a c4 trans,what motor mounts will work in a 54 ford c...
installing a 302 with a c4 trans,what motor mounts will work in a 54 ford customline thanks Barry
by Guest
Where is Engine number on motor in CHRYSLER GRAND VOYAGER RS...
where is Engine number on motor in CHRYSLER GRAND VOYAGER RS SR WAGON 2000
by Guest
I have an original 46 ford coupe radiator and wiper motor, they are free if...
I have an original 46 ford coupe radiator and wiper motor, they are free if someone wants to pay for shipping cost.
by Guest
Need carb for 1928 dodge
where can I find carburetor for a 1928 D0dge brothers standard 6 cylinder motor?
by Dale
Re: 1936 chevy title
Chevy's are famous for numbers matching especially on Corvettes.I don't know how far back that this practice goes.I do know that a numbers matching car is most prized by collectors especially by ...
by rutntutn
Re: Cars With Bird Names
Over here at the Heritage Motor Centre, in Gaydon (UK) our rooftop restaurant is named the Kestral Suite after the famous RILEY Kestral. We also have many of the birds in the neighbourhood too. Les D.
by myrkat
Vacuum To Electric Wiper Conversion Kit
by johnm
What Is ZDDP And Why Is It Worth Buying For Your Antique Car?
Credit for this post goes to Model A. A good balance of ZDDP (zinc dialkyldithiophosphate), detergent levels, and corrosion inhibitors are important when selecting an oil for your antique car. ...
by Vale
Re: Frame VIN Location on 4 Door 56 Chevy
I have a 56 4 Door with a vin starts with 02 and ends with a T56Y it is the motor number. It has the original motor in it, was bought from the original owner. Maybe this will help you Don
by Don's 56 210
1924 dodge touring car parts
want to sell fenders, dash, doors, frame, wheels, body, motor and other items to car, dismantled
by jim
Electric Wiper 1955-57 Chevy
1955-1957 Chevy CAR Wiper Kit Replaces Cables And Old Spool System TWO Speed Electric Motor Mounts Completely Under Dash With Brackets And Hardware Complete, Available With Delay, 1955-1956 $319.95. ...
by imported_alan
Re: Wanted...A part from my past 1970 Olds Delta 88..My Babys TWIN
Hello all. I am looking for a 1970 Olds Delta 88 custom. I once owned a 70 Old Delta 88 Custom with a 455ci, 4 dr., Forest green, Black Top. Oddly enough it had a Push button on the colum shifter, ...
by matsellah
Re: Trying to find Vin. No. On 1946 ford coupe
It is on top of driver side frame rail. You should find it around motor mount bracket. Its hard to see. Also under body around the seat on the driver frame rail thats where i found them on my 46 when ...
by Allens street rods
Re: 1939 Chevrolet Sedan Delivery - TO BUY
If you still need a 1939 DODGE Panel Truck. Then I have what your looking for. The overall body is straight and without any major damages. and hood venting as well as fenders being its strong points. ...
by Iansane
Re: 49 Chevy parts
Excerpts from 11-Mar-99 49 Chevy parts by If RB's Obsolete is still in business (I had a '49 project about 6 years ago) their catalog has lots of stuff. Look through Street ...
by etitor
Re: Where is the vin on a '57 bel aire
check for data plate on fire wall pass. side it should have info you need or if original motor it should have matching # to car B) :mad :unamused: :cheer: :confused:
by ddddddd
Re: How do i get a title for a 1939 chevy sedan?
You should check with your local motor vehicles office how exactly you can get a title in your state. I think you'd need a valid bill of sale and the previous owner's signed release of interest in ...
by jade
Re: Is there a serial number anywhere on the frame of a 1937 chevy 2 door sedan
The vin number on a 37 2door is on a tag on the cowl on passenger side fastened on with 2 figure 8 screws should be another tag in right floorboard passenger side in front of battery box none on ...
by lee thomas
Re: Lost title
Contact the state (Arizona in this case) department of motor vehicles include the VIN number and plate number (if it has a plate) and request the name of the registered owner. Explaining what ...
by blueshift
302/1953 customline
my son and i are putting a '53 customline back together and have a question on putting a 302 in it w/c-4. do you use the stock motor mount adapted to the frame? thanks.
by bblake20
1964 T-Bird (Radio)
Hi. My neighbor recently started restoring a 1964 T-Bird and asked me to get the original AM radio working! Although I am very good with electronic repairs, this is my first set where I can not get ...
by Tigran
Re: I am looking to buy a radiator for a 1926 Buick Master sedan. Original radi...
Call Paul at Willrodt Motor Co in Chamberlain SD.
by John
Engine swap
... on this group done a swap in a truck like this. what are some things That I might need eg. special ...
by Adominator
Re: Has anyone installed a 350 chevy engine in a 1969 roadrunner...
... opar power plants available. Nothing would diminish the value more of a 69 Roadrunner with a Bowtie motor.Seems like throwing good money after bad. There are probably no kits available ...
by rutntutn
Is there any difference between an electric windshield wiper...
is there any difference between an electric windshield wiper motor from a 1955 first gen chevy truck and 1955 second gen, 1956, or 1957 chevy truck. 1/2 ton.
by Guest
Re: Starter for 1928 Dodge Victory
I have a compleet motor - dizy cap and H pattern box diff in NZ email <email>
by Tony Baya
Total Newbie Needs Help With 64 Impala
Hello all, I just bought a 64 Impala from a guy on eBay. I always wanted a 64. From what I see in the pictures and from what he tells me there's not much rust at all but I have a million questions. ...
by Phil Barone
FS:Auto manuals.
I have a number of used automotive shop and service manuals for sale. Various years & makes. GM-1951 to 81; Chrysler-49 to 74 : Ford-61 to 90; Misc.makes: Vauxhall, Bedford, Envoy, Fiat, ...
by nrlong
Re: Q: 69 RENAULT R10 VALUE ???
Try the Old Car Price Guide, Hemmings Motor News or a professional appraiser. Polara Renault R10 ?? Where can I find information on this car ??
by LilCindy
Re: Can an air-less sprayer work for primer?? (i.e. Wagner power painter)
from whoever this is: ~:Well if that was the case an electrostatic spray gun wouldn't work now would ~:it? ~:>from whoever this is: ~:>~:Hello, ~:> ~:>~:I am interested in spraying primer (PPG 2-part ...
by rohankrishna
Sometimes things go south
Well we went to get the 66 Impala this weekend , and low and behold the guys says he sold it !!!!! Well we dont go down without a fight . Went back to the house , the phone rings , its a man i ...
by Altaria

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