Sometimes things go south

Well we went to get the 66 Impala this
weekend , and low and behold the guys says
he sold it !!!!! Well we dont go down
without a fight .

Went back to the house , the phone rings ,
its a man i had found on the internet but
he had no contact info , he had pictures of
over 100 cars he had , a little foot work
and i tracked his neice down and she gave
him my number . Well we wanted to go meet him it was a 400 mile one way trip ,we
hoped in my dodge and headed that way ,
well when we got there he was out hunting
cars , he is a 64 year old man that
basicly just drives everywhere looking for
old cars to buy , he doesnt fix them and
doesnt know how , he just likes old cars ,
he calls the rows of cars his garden. well
his wife was there and said he would be
there in a bit go ahead out to the garden
and have a look around , we were out there
about 2 hours by ourselves and another 5
when he got there his prices were not to
cheep but they wernt to bad and we just
loved this guy he was a ball to hang out
and talk with , we struck a deal with him
on a 64 Pontiac Grand Prix tach car with 5
lug wheels and 8 lug wheels!!




My next project a 55 chevy panel

Another shot with a roadrunner

And yet another project we want to pickup a dodge dart gt

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Sounds like you found a 'little paradise' in terms of old cars
at this guy's 'garden' 😊 Lucky you! They all look like a huge
challenge and I am honestly very curious to find out about how
you will progress 😊

(there's something wrong with the page that made it look this
wide on the screen and I have already tried to cut your sentences
thinking this was the problem but it isn't ☹️

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